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Selectivend 3037b 10 selection soda machine

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Serpentine can machine non-mdb.

upgrading with a 276e next week.

All works. I have it listed on marketplace for 300. Too much?

if it’s not gone by delivery day, it will be parted out and hauled in for scrap.

anyone need any parts? Get your orders in now in case it comes down to that. I won’t ship the cooling deck so don’t ask. Everything else will be fair game if it doesn’t sell.



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Good plan all around.  $300 is fair as I know you will ensure it's working properly.  You might need to give it more than a week to sell though at that price it might not take long.

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I had it delivered to a local consignment auction shop. I’ll just take what I get. Don’t have the time or space to part it out anyway.

@AZVendor , here’s my 276e. Looking nice alongside the usi snack. Sales have gone up since I changed machines and they’re starting to use payrange as well.

Ill update when the auction starts so if anyone in central MN wants to bid on it, they can.


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