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Dixie Narco 276E Error - None

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Hello everybody. 

I am new here, we just purchased a Dixie Narco Coke 276E-7 SII-D

Its a second hand machine and I am not used to this model. I have tested each channel and it works fine but I want to alter the price from 80p to £1 per channel.

I checked how to do this on YouTube and its seems pretty obvious except when I press the blue button it says Error. I pressed button 4 to see the messages and removed everything cause it said you can get rid of legacy errors that way and the machine was working fine so I presume nothing is wrong with it.

Now every time i press the blue button it says 'error' and on button 4 it says 'none'. I don't know how to get off this screen. The machine still works but I cant sell cans at 80p that's just crazy talk!

Does anyone have any advice?


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