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Conlux Five Jams Periodically

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I have a Conlux Five that Jams occasionally.  The coins jam at the mouth of the coinmech at the top of the unit.  Both lights do not illuminate. I cleaned it up but still does the same thing.  If I push the coin return lever they all drop in the coin return tray  Does anyone have a suggestion or do I just need to have it rebuilt?  Thanks!  Danny

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Look for cuts/snags that are catching the coins or some sort of goo (scientific term) for the coins to stick to.  Also, make sure the mech is mounted and the coin insert funnel is aligned properly.  If coins hit the edge of the acceptor funnel, they can stand there or wind up elsewhere in the door of your machine.  

There not a lot else that can cause that issue that I can think of at the moment.

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