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Dixie narco 501t randomly stops vending.

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Hello all and thank you for any and help in advance. 

I have an older come branded dixie narco 501t machine and it will randomly stop vending. It will accept money but will not vend the soda, also will not give refund but if my knowledge base is correct the two shouldn't be connected. 

The machine will then have to be power cycled before it will work correctly again, still will not refund but I'm not overly concerned with that right now. 

I have a idea that it is the vend relay but I have no real proof that it is the reason. 


Thanks again. 

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Thank you for the reply, i do have thoughts....I don't think it's a motor issue since the motor don't rehome after power reset.

And would a power reset fix a malfunctioning mechanical micro switch? 


I should have mentioned that the machine when working, once the correct amount of money is inserted, you hear a click sound followed by the vend relay buzzing until you make a selection. When it is malfunctioning you can insert the correct money amount or more but you will never hear the click sound or the buzzing from the vend relay. If you make a selection nothing happens. 


The next time it malfunctions I will check the position of all motors and the two micro switches on each motor. 

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Single price machines don't home motors on power up and a power up won't change a switch state.  If the motor is not at home it stays there until something changes.  They can not home due to gummed up motor brakes or bad motor switches.  Also due to a bent rotor or jammed column, or a bad rotor drive pin (which requires a new motor.)  The relay will usually click when a credit is set and maybe hum or buzz or not while the credit is held.  If you can't then make a vend then you have to look to the motors and switches.  Your issue will be on just one motor but you'll have to track it down.

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