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cut red bull cans in a Vendo 721 with red bull kit

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I installed the red bull adapter kit for a Vendo 721 to vend the 8oz Red Bulls. Included with the kit was a small metal clip (about 3 inches long) that had to be attached near the front of the column at the bottom of the column where the cans drop down to the ramp. After awhile, I was getting complaints that sometimes a can would be vended with a cut on the side. I suspected that the clip was the cause, so I took it out. No more complaints ensued. I further test vended the red bulls to see if any problems would arise due to not having the clip installed. Over 30 vends and everything worked fine. So what is the purpose of that clip?

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The cradle clip was to help shore up vending issues with the small 8.4 oz energy drinks.  It's there to help control the space the drink fits through during the vend.  Make sure they aren't installed upside down, the rear spacer is set correctly, and no burrs are on the clip or the bottom shim. 


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