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Nayax issues with V-max


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So, I have 2 V-max machines giving me the same problems with adding a Nayax card reader.

Both are the 9.* VMC's (9.1 and 9.2).

I have a generic with software revision 2.080

and a coke machine with revision 2.039. (Just purchased this eprom update from D&S)

If I use my Nayax tech card they work great. Product vends and I see the prepaid charge in my Nayax sales app.

If I attempt to use a credit or debit card it seems like communication fails and it gives messages like: refunded with a bunch of numbers after or sometimes another message saying like I exceeded my daily card limit ( even though it had yet to be used).

I am thinking it is a firmware or software issue from Nayax's side since the card reader communicates and works with the V-max when I use the Nayax card.

Anyone have any ideas?

I plan to try calling Nayax each day/all day next week until I get assistance ( have been waiting weeks to get warranty assistance with one card reader that dropped dead after about 8 weeks of use).

Thanks for reading.


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Double check to make sure you have Credit Card payment method enabled. Sounds like it could be attempting to auto create PP card with your credit/debit card since Credit Card isn't enabled, but this is just a guess.



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I know how to set up the extra .10 set fee ( in 2 places), make them active and inactive, but not what your suggesting.

So, even if it doesn't help my current problem - I will be learning more.

Thanks for your help.

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So Nayax is sending me  replacement device. This nayax reader was received in my last batch of 5. This is the second of those 5 to be replaced under warranty. I got these 5 through Nayax Capital. Before these 5 I have purchased approximately 15 over the last year- with no issues to date. I am making assumptions but I wonder if the Nayax Capital devices are refurbished. 

Regardless, I will report back after putting a different nayax card reader on my V- max. This entire Nayax card reader versus V-max thread might come down to a bad card reader. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yep. Ended up being a bad card reader. Actually, 2 of the last shipment of 5 I received failed. That said I have never had issues with my Nayax card readers failing and that is why I didn't suspect it.

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You brought up something that I hadn't considered. I got 15 through Capital and 2 of the first 5 I tried were stuck in a boot loop. If they're refurbs that would explain the mortality rate.

Out of curiosity, do your serial numbers start with 4? All of mine do, but the straight purchased units start with 1.

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