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Dixie narco dncb 240/138 won't vend

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Hello all...hoping somebody on this forum might be able to help me.  I have a Dixie narco dncb 240/138 that up until recently worked pretty well despite its advanced age. 

If I unplug and replug the unit to reset everything, the coin mech will accept the appropriate number of coins (and then reject more as it should), but no selection button will activate a vend motor. 

I verified the wires are on the correct terminals of the vend motors per the schematic on the machine.

I seem to recall that in the past, once the vend price was satisfied, I could hear a buzz until a button was selected.  I no longer hear that buzz.  Is what I have been hearing a relay in the logic board with the coin mech? 

I suspect that some component of that logic board has failed (relay,maybe a resistor?) But am not sure where to start further diagnosing.

 This machine is in a Laundromat I own...but this is the only product vending machine I have which is clearly a bit different than a washer/dryer. 

 Appreciate any help and thank you in advance 




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If you stopped hearing the relay engage "buzz", you'll need to confirm that the relay is functional.  Another possibility is that your coin acceptor isn't sending the credit pulse that engages that relay.  Based on your location and lack of troubleshooting options, you'd do yourself a favor by calling a local vending repair tech for help.  They should have some parts to work with to troubleshoot and repair your machine.

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