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coke machine with cashflow 690 giving out free cans

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I bought a coke machine for the tea room at work but it keeps giving out free cans

It seams to only do it if you're buying coke

you put your money in, press the bottom for coke, give it a second and then you can press it again for another can... sometimes you don't get any extra cans, sometimes you can get 4 extra (free)

you can get a coke and then get something else free

it doesn't do it all the time for coke, but I'm 99% sure it only does it if you get coke first

any ideas anyone?


coke was the 2 hoppers on the right.... you can see how empty they are where everyone has been getting free pop and not telling me about it :-(







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Bad motor switches on the affected column, if it repeats on that column.  By the way, your cans are in backwards.  You want the top to the back so the top doesn't hit anything and pop open when it dispenses.

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