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Ams sensit 2 glass front combo machine

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Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, I just want to cover all my bases I'm relatively new to the machine repair scene. 

I have an ams sensit 2 glass front combo machine that frequently loses power which knocks out the price settings on the board. Would a surge protector to the power supply cure my problem or is there some kind of upgrade to the board itself that would help?


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The board has a battery backup which is there to hold programming should your machine lose power for any reason. If your machine is losing that pricing, your board will need to be serviced to have that battery or timekeeper ram replaced. This is a normal repair as batteries eventually die after years of being in the field. 

Most equipment mfg regard surge protectors as just another extension cord which are not good when running equipment with compressors.  The machine has it's own surge protection in the form of fuses and/or breakers and should plug directly into a dedicated 15 amp wall outlet.  

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