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Seaga hf3000 refusing all bills but $1

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I have a seaga hf3000 and have things for sale at up to $7.50. I would like it to at least take $5 bills but it is refusing them. The coin tube is filled as it said in the owners manual. I also set the bill acceptor to have the first 4 lights on in settings. To my understanding that means it can take up to 20$ bills and has high security turned off. Despite that it refuses any bills that are not $1. It says in the manual the coin tube needs to be nearly full and the bill acceptor can be set to take up to $20 bills.


Would the settings with things like force vend, multi vend, or bill escrow make a difference? Im not sure what they are currently set to.

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This all means you don't have current currency software in your bill acceptor.  You are also using an POS Seaga that is a garbage machine.  Upgrade to a real machine not built from parts made in Asia.  Seaga is nothing but an assembly company with poor support, technical and parts, and absolutely zero access to wiring diagrams.  Bill escrow might matter though unlikely.  Bill escrow should be set to Last Bill or something like that.  But if it won't even take a $5 bill then I'm pretty sure it's a software issue.  If you can upgrade to a better bill acceptor like a MEI 2500/2700 you would be better off.  But that would be lipstick on a pig.

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