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RVV500 How to reHome/ zero the cup?

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Got to one of my machines today . It was out of service and obviously moved/ shook. 

Everything tested fine but the cup is obviously lost.

I want to reset the shelf and port locations with the manual calibration option, but before that can be done the door must be closed and the cup must go through it's homing cycle. Problem is my machine is lost and not homing correctly. 

My encoders are good- I checked them and the numbers are good.

All my sensors are verified working. My home switch works and the cup sensor is working/ magnet still in place.

Is this machine supposed to zero it self when lost? By use if the sensors and magnets or ??

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I was able to get into calibration after allowing it to complete a failed  homing cycle.

 It was actually pretty simple once I took a break and went back to it. 

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