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Vendo 511 trouble shooting

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Hello, I just recently started out in the vending business and I’m trying to get all my machines back to fill working capacity. I have a vendo 511 that has two slots not working. The one was letting me put the pop in and when I did the test vend it filled the reserves but then refused to vend anything past that. Any thoughts on why it would do that? The other one makes a noise when I hit test vend but doesn’t actually move or do anything. Seems like something is seized up maybe? 

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You probably have worn out gate links.  They are plastic arms that move the can blocking bar (gate) on the left inside the column to prevent two rows of cans trying to fill the rotor and jamming it.  The gate link is plastic and wears out where it runs and rubs on the rotor eccentric.  To my knowledge you can't find the gate links any longer.   This was a common wear part on these machines and is the likely issue on both columns, which means you should replace them all, but I don't think you'll find any.  Vendo doesn't make them and the repops from Vendors Exchange and D&S have not been available.  You might try D&S again because they claim they are adding tons of parts to their inventory - at the expense of having any tech support now.

To unjam the columns and maybe get lucky with them working again, look at the position of your rotor, then remove the 3 screws that hold the motors to the stack.  Pull the motor away and you'll hear the rotor break loose.  This is the gate link unjamming.  Just put the rotor back in the approximate position it started in before putting the motor back on.

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