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Vending more unique snack and drink options

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Has anyone tried vending drinks and snacks other than the normal products you always see (products from Pepsi, Coke, Lays, Mars, Etc). Considering not vending these products and still offering sodas, energy drinks, cold brew, water, chips, candy, pastries, cookies, fruit snacks, popcorn, etc. but getting different flavors and variations of them, funky colorful packaging, that are similar price point to the classic items. Things like offers, anyone use them as a vender? Going with these different snacks you could rotate different things and your machines become known for having interesting snacks and drinks thats changing regularly. I feel like you could place these machines close to classic existing machines providing a little indirect competition. Thoughts?

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Would be an interesting thing to try in high foot traffic public areas. Problem is that most of those want really high commissions and often have exclusive contracts with large vendors or bottlers.

Not really worth messing around with in locations that have the same people day in and day out, which will be the bread and butter locations for most small and midsize operations. At most I might consider playing around with a couple oddball selections in a machine but most of the time people just want the same ol stuff at an acceptable price.

Also, constantly changing out products is a massive pain the the golpher, takes a lot of time, and sucks logistically. It’s a good way to end up with a lot of expired product if you don’t have a lot of machines and stay on top of things.

Also, specialty product is usually more expensive than regular, which forces a higher vend price and results in less sales volume.

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