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Dixie Narco DNCB 501CC/280-7 Wont Vend

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Hey everyone, new here and new to having a vending machine. I picked this machine up for my garage and it worked great the first 2 nights, now it wont dispense anything. I have it setup for $0.25 per drink, have change in all 3 coin slots, nothing has changed. I can manually activate all the vend motors from the tabs on the motor. I have tried a new known working Vend relay and known working Coin mechanism but nothing has changed. When I put a quarter into the machine the little display on the front of the machine goes out and the light on the coin mechanism also turn out, Can press any selection and nothing happens. I am at a loss as to what to look at next. I don't understand why its no longer working. Can someone point me in the right direction, would LOVE to get this thing working again. 

Once I get the machine vending properly again I need to figure out why 3 out of 10 drinks (manually vended) come out partly crushed and with a small puncture in them....








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You need to pay a vending repair tech to come and fix this.  You probably have jammed a column or more due to what sounds like bent rotors.  The cuts in the cans could be from the anti-theft springs that are in the rotors. The jammed column(s) are what is preventing the machine from vending.  One of the motors has opened the vend circuit.  This could all be from how you loaded it vs. how is was set up before.  It could have been messed up before you got your smoking deal on it. There are too many things going on so you need someone who knows these machines to put eyes on it for you.

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