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How to Reset an AP LCM3 Snack machine

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@Vendo Mike Gotcha. That’s what I’ve tried so far. I just connected a card reader and now my pricing is being weird. I’ll set the price for a row, and it says it saved, but it only actually saves if it set the “Entire Row” as well as the “Entire Row DP”. Not sure what the DP is.

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If I saw your display on other post, that's not an AP-LCM board. I think you have an aftermarket kit on an old AP-LCM machine.  It's very possible that board has a reset but we'd need more info on that board.  Share pics of the controller?

I believe DP would be Dual Pricing _ 1 price of cash, 2nd price for card sales which should be higher to offset the card processing fee.

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