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Written 3155 Combo II i-vend wiring help

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Came across a Combo II in relatively good shape for its age. I have a few other written 3160 models with same software / boards . So, I am pretty familiar with the i-vend sensors. 

This combo currently has the drop sensor for the cans. Though, the snack i-vend sensors are not installed. Manual says the sensor input for the i-vend will share the Pin 8 of the can drop sensor. My plan is to install a spare set of i-vend sensors I have. Wire the 3 wires as follows- 24v+, 24v- and the signal to share pin8 with the drop sensors at the sensor/ refrigeration board. Should be that way right? 

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Try it and let us know.  However looking on the 3160 manual there are 4 wires for the eye sensors.  Not sure if you need all 4 but they may have shield it.  

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