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National 157 Selection Error

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I'm having an issue with selection C0 on one of my national 157s. It's on a 5 wide tray, and after testing I confirmed the other 4 selections on tray C are working. The context: the selection was working Friday, confirmed by sales. When I went yesterday, the machine told me Err C. I was able to test selection C0, and the spirals turned, but when I closed the door the machine went through and detected the present motors on the tray, and it was showing 10 selections, not 5. Trays A & B are also 5 selection, and the display showed 5 selections per tray, but C tray still showed 10. I deactivated and reactivated tray c to see if that did the trick, and it did for a sec, but after I closed the door again the machine indexed that tray and showed the 10 selections again. I tried to re-home the motor but the machine kept telling me "timeout C1". I got a few other error messages that aren't included in the manual:




Is motor C1 bad? Anything else I can check next time I'm there? 

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It could be a bad motor, but unlikely since it tests OK.  I would look at the tray harness.  Nationals  often loose connection with one of the wires in the harness.  Power down machine, unplug the C shelf.  slide the shelf out and inspect the harness end. Look for a wire that has gotten disconnected.

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I did remove the tray and checked the back out (sorry forgot to include that in original post). I didn't see anything obvious, but I'll check again when I'm there. I'll double check it tests ok too. 

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