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Snack machine questions from VendoMike

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Looking for some insight from you all to bolster what I've been telling my office with regard to Snack and Food (coil style) machines.   Our sister company, SVE, in Italy builds a nice line of snack/combo machines.  We've sold a few in the US but obviously, logistical costs are a challenge since the first cost is crossing the Atlantic.  This puts our pricing out of reach vs domestic equipment like AMS and Crane. 

I'm working on getting a US version of the equipment built in Dallas. For that, I have to show a market and most common configurations.  

Being a current operator in our constantly changing industry, I would appreciate your valuable feedback on questions below.    

Company Name,  City, State:

How long have you been a vending operator?

What brand / model do you currently prefer?  

What percentage of new vs used equipment do you operate? 

What is the most common configuration? 4W , 5W, 6W

Do you customize your spirals per shelf or purchase products that fit a machine's current configuration?   

How many shelves / machine?

Do you employ more refrigerated or ambient equipment? 

Would an elevator system be a feature that would interest you?

How important is a touchscreen?         

Is your touchscreen used for advertising and/or product information or simply a keypad?

Is a delivery confirmation system important to you? 

Are you interested in equipment that offers on-board VMS?

Are you interested in remote pricing / monitoring of your equipment through a cloud based system?

What is the avg price of your preferred model? 

What is the total monthly fees your paying for your VMS system?

In your opinion, what feature(s) would SandenVendo's equipment need to offer to  stand apart and gain traction in the US? 







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