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MBA- Main Box Assembly

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Does any one have any experience with these old devices to give a machine a MDB plug?

I came across one that says it works with AP 6000/7000, 112/113/LCM's and a number of national machines..

I have one and not sure which machine it came off of but it works and includes drop sensors. I have an AP 112 that does not warrant a card reader but can obviously use drop sensors. So, If I can connect this to my machine it would save me $600 ( InOne with drop sensors). 

as always - thanks for your time/ help . 

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MBA is a very old controller for a very simplistic bill acceptor from the 1980s.  If you still have one of these boxes in your machine - it's silver and about 6-7 inches square and hangs on your sliding panel - then just disconnect it and remove it since the bill acceptor it powered is long gone, I hope.  They had/have nothing to do with MDB which didn't exist when they were made.

If you have some kind of box that says it works with drop sensors then post a photo of it because it's something completely different.  It might be the aftermarket drop sensor kit from Vendors Exchange that didn't work very well because it didn't install very well.  Just get the InOne kit and don't fret the investment - it's worth it.

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I actually have the second one you mentioned. I haven't tried contacting Vendors Exchange and can find nothing about it online. It already has a drop sensor connected ( looks exactly like the InOne Sensor on my AP 7000). 

Dip settings are for MBA, MEI validator (2500/110v- which I currently have on the machine) or the MEI mech.

It seems to power up fine. Hoping I can get it installed correctly and save the InOne investment cuz machine and control board is working great. Though, it is in a part of town where I get less than 5% card sales. So if I could get this ( the drop sensors) working it would be huge. 

I have 10 years experience as a instrumentation/ electrician technician. So, I am sure I could get it going if possible. That said - I also have the knowledge to know if someone more experienced than myself tells me not to waste my time- don't waste my time. 


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