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Track Cash Payments and Inventory in Nayax app

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I noticed that when I use coins or cash to test my vending machine, the vended item is not recorded in the Nayax card reader app. Can the Nayax app only track inventory and profits on items purchased with a card? If not, how do I sync everything up?

I haven’t set up my product map yet either, could that cause an issue in this instance?

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Why do you believe it has it already?  If the display is red, it's the stock board.  If it's yellow, it's likely InOne.  If it's white, it's likely a ve kit.  But a picture of the board inside will easily confirm any of this.

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10 hours ago, Bblack2626 said:

Yes, to be clear, I am now seeing the cash tracked in the Nayax app, but it’s still not tracking the item vended or inventory when the item is paid for using cash.

There is a setting in nayax core that has to be turned on. I’ll see if I can find it.

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