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Are all vending machine keys the same size?

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Hey everyone! 

I am the owner of three machines and I plan to buy and place many more. I like having duplicates of keys for machines in case I ever lose one, and I have been looking into buying a tubular key maker so I can just make them myself.  I found the listing on AliExpress (I have bought from this site before and I know what I am getting myself into) and its around $40 before shipping.  I am not sure if all vending machines take the same key size, from my research there is 4 different sizes of tubular keys. Does anyone know if there is one standard size or if machine locks come in a variety of sizes. Thank you to all who are taking your time to help!


New-Arrival-Klom-7-0mm-7-3mm-7-5mm-7-8mm-Tubular-Key-Machine-Professional-Locksmith.jpg_80x80.jpg_ (1).webp


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Lsi like AZ said.

we had a common key for all our machines for our First years starting out. Then bought all new cores and 6 keys to match. All a controlled key code. When I need a new key or a new lock, I just order it online with my specific key code. That way no other guys with say a b0600 can get into our machines.

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On 11/6/2023 at 7:23 PM, AZVendor said:

Did you not like the link I gave you?  You can try D&S or Vendors Exchange.  Most of the independent vending lock companies are no longer.

Oh yea I guess im being stupid. Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate it.

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