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EBT for vending machines

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On 11/4/2023 at 3:37 PM, gigatt7 said:

Does anyone use a machine that accepts EBT cards (SNAP)?  I know only certain foods are approved for purchase through SNAP, but am wondering if anyone has done it.  

PayRange fobs in certain states support it.

You can try emailing support @ or ask @ if your state supports it.

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12 hours ago, tblake05 said:

Oh God, SO much wrong with that scenario.

ANYONE using my tax dollars shouldn’t SHOULDN’T be impulse buying snacks or soda from a vending machine.

They shouldn't be allowed to buy snacks and drinks or shouldn't be allowed to purchase them from a machine?

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You might be thinking of WIC.  SNAP is literally a free-for-all. They can buy anything in the store that isn't hot, prepared, alcohol or tobacco for the most part (including anything that you would stock in a vending machine).

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EBT is like snap in MN. They have a debit card and eat like kings at the grocery store while I spend 100.00 on two half full bags. Then they abuse it and but tobacco and lottery tickets (with their cash portion that can be withdrew from any ATM)

in fact the government just gave them a 40% raise on their EBT due to the cost of inflation. How you you like a 40% increase on your paycheck.


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