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What am I missing?

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H everyone

One of my RV 660-9 G111 keeps giving me fits when I change product or columns.

Today for example I moved some cans to an outside front column (#6) and set the rods to can setting and Sales Depth set to the corresponding selection.  

After testing it keeps dropping 2 cans each test vend. Is there something physical inside the machine that may be stuck or need adjusting? t drops 2 each time consistently. all my other can selections play nice (as well as the bottles (which  keep front middle)

Any help troubleshooting this is much appreciated. The reason I moved the cans to outer column was to make room for a bottle selection


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Does the 660 set depth by selection # or column #?  This might be the confusion if you're mistakenly resetting the wrong column.

Is it dropping both in one motion or one and the  the other? If the second, double check the drop sensor setting.

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The depth is set by Selection # . It drops both cans at once which usually means your depth is off. so this is where I am stumped

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Well  I get to wear the dunce cap today...I realized that although I set everything up correctly in the machine for the new set up.  I did not account for the old product setting. The old set up was still assigned to the column so it thought there were bottles still where I had put the cans. Once  I assigned the old column its new sales depth and selection everything worked as it should.

So the lesson here is to make sure you not only assign your space to sales and sales depth correctly on the new set up, but I should have gone into the previous selection and reassigned that properly as well.

An obvious error on my part.

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