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BevMax with blue board changing to red board

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I have a BevMax 3800-4 with the blue board. Not having any problems with it. Though, I have a question about the red board. What is the difference? I have one of the red boards and the EPROM for the red board. Can I just swap them if and when need be? Or will it not work with other parts I currently have - like the cup sensor board or.   ?

Thanks for your time.

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Red and blue are interchangeable, just keep the EPROMs straight. What version EPROM do you have? I have 740.81 for the red board and 701.91 for blue, and mine are at least 2 years old. The chips don't stay on the board after it's uploaded. 

bev eprom.jpg

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Appreciate the info and definitely agree with Vendo Mike. 

That said, I am attempting to sell a BevMax 4. Listed one price machine only and one price with spare parts. I have many spare parts including a red board with an EPROM chip with sticker that says "red board". I didn't want to include it with my blue board BevMax if it meant other things needed replaced. I.E.- I really like vision vendors but if you don't know this cup sensor board also needs this cup board changed with it - [I had]  you'll have a long day.

Though, I really enjoy all the info royal vendors shares online as long as you don't mind searching. 

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