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Vendo vue 40 pic issue


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I have a vendo vue 40 that had an error that says pdc unavailable check cable so I check the black belt cable for a short an I was fine so I ended up changing the picker and now when you make a selection it just moves around then says pdc move error. Any idea on how to fix this thanks in advance


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PDC move error should also tell you which motor.  Z,Y or Z or clamp.

PDC unavailable means there's no or faulty comms between the VMC (main board) and PDC (hand).  This usually means the IGUS (chain harness) or the large Ribbon cable has an open which could easily be intermittent.   Another possibility would be that the PDC itself is flaking out.  

Intermittent harness issues are almost impossible to spot without checking continuity with a meter as you can't always see where the copper wiring has broken if the insulation is not cut as well.

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