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AP LCM3 chilled machine

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I have a few of these LCM3 machines that I already updated to InOne so they have drop sensors. Great machines that do great sales. One actually has a compressor assembly and the model number indicates it is a chilled machine. Sorry I do not have pictures or more info about the compressor assembly yet. It has been disconnected since I got the machine. I applied 120vac the other day and nothing. Curious about the dip settings - think there are about 4 dip switches. There is also an empty harness plug- I'm guessing it was missing the temp sensor. Maybe the loss of a temp sensor kept it from turning on??

Has anyone had one of these chilled LCM3's? If the compressor actually works - I'm hoping to make it the cold food machine for this location. 

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Even if you get the chiller to work it isn't going to cut if for food of any kind.  It's just to keep chocolate from melting so the best you would get is about 20 degrees lower than the ambient temperature.  You also won't have a health safety thermostat so it will be illegal to put food in.

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