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Please help intentify year of my cavalier 96 square top coke machine

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Hi. I got a good condition cavalier square top 96 bottle vend machine about 8 years ago. I got it for $75 us on Facebook marketplace from a guy in Alabama who was cleaning out his barn and found it. He didn't even know he had it. I took it home, cleaned it up very, very good, inside and outside. Let it dry for a week with fans blowing over it constantly, didn't want to have any wetness left in the electronics. It's complete. With no missing pieces. I've had to change a couple light bulbs. But it keeps drinks ice cold. Like perfectly cold before it would form ice. I can't quite figure out what year it is. I took a picture with my phone of the side of it, at an angle. It's a bad picture. It has the squared coin insert. NOT the scallop one. But I did take a picture of the label. The bulbs behind the light up sign on the front started flickering, so I took the glass sign off so I could remove the two bulbs to replace them. That's what got me back to thinking about what year it is. It's has had that little bit of rust and the bottom of the door since I got it. It is just surface rust. I intend on sanding it and painting it before it gets worse. I was in a bad hit and run motorcycle wreck and I've been kinda recovering for 5 years now... The machine still works amazingly. I think it's between a 1968 and a 1974. But I may be wrong. I'll attach 2 crappy sideish pics and a picture of the tag with the serial number and model number.Sorry, I didn't think about taking a picture until after i had the glass piece already off. If needed I will get it. Thank you for any help you can give me.




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