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Vendo 511 Coke Beverage

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Coke Vendo 511 Beverage issue "Use exact change" light on and will not accept more than (1) $1.00 bill, will not accept another dollar and will not take $5.00 bills.  Bill Accepter is holding the first $1.00 waiting for a selection.  Machine is setup multi priced from $1.50-$2.75 on items, otherwise the entire machine works fine vends with $1.00 bill and .50 cents in change (dimes, nickels, quarters) all work also all test vend fine. all machine errors cleared and remain cleared.

I tried these steps with same results, does anyone have other solutions?

* Replaced coin mech CoinCo 9302 with another working fine in other machine.

* Replaced bill accepter, yes bill accepter was updated takes $1,$5,$10,$20 (CoinCo MAG 30B also tried a MAG 50B)  MAG 50B pulled out of another working machine

* Changed wire harness to bill accepter and coin mech

* Yes coin mech loaded full, emptied and refilled and made sure nothing was stuck

* Yes bill accepter switches are correctly set and worked fine in another machine

*  Yes coin mech change return works fine on Machine. 

**Note: plastic door snap in clip broke/missing to change gate on machine. Light remains on even when manually holding the change gate closed.


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It's a setting on the board.  Turn off the bill escrow.  Having escrow "on" means you're holding the bill in the bill path to avoid paying quarters in change if the customer hits the coin return.   Assuming this is a 5.2 (Coke branded machine), config settings are below. Get to these by pressing your mode button repeatedly. 





Single Price or Multi-Price


     Set        C1=0    For Single Price (All Selections)

     Set        C1=1    For Multi-Price


Setting “STOS” (Factory Set and DEX) Combines with C3

9 Select


     Set        C2=0    For 9 Select Models

     Set        C3=1    For 9 Select Models

7 Select

     Set        C2=1    For 7 Select Models

     Set        C3=1    For 7 Select Models


To Display Historical Sales/Cash & Error/None


     Set        C4=1


Option For Resetting Cash & Sales Registers


     Set        C5=1    Reset By Closing The Door (See Below)


Setting For Correct Change or Overpay (Used With C7)


     Set        C6=0    Correct Change Only


     Set        C7=0    Correct Change Only (Used With C6 Above)


Dollar Bill Validator Setting (Used With C9)


     Set        C8=1    Force Vend


     Set        C9=0    Force Vend (Used With C8 Above)




     Set        C10=1  “Yes” Show Message


To Set Door Closed Data Retrieval


     Set        C11=1  “Yes” Allows Retrieval


*NOTE FROM C5:    You cannot reset the cash & Sale Registers by mistake UNLESS you have entered these modes. In other words, if you go past them to reset prices, you will not effect the readings when shut the door.

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