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Vendo V 132 will not dispense

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Hello all,

I am new to this, and am looking for assistance with getting this machine to dispense. The compressor and cooling works great. The data tag says it’s a Vendo V132. The Coinco change counter model is an S75-9800B and has 1982 stamped on it. I changed the price to 5¢, and I can get it to accept coins. I’ll hear a relay click on, then immediately back off, but it will not dispense a can. I emptied the first selection column of cans, and saw that the “Sold Out” bulb illuminates momentarily when the relay clicks. The bulb does not stay on, and I cannot make a selection. There does not seem to be much info across the internet on this machine at all. I’m a mechanic, so I am familiar with electrical diagnosis and repairing things.


I have plenty of photos, but I’m new here and don’t know how to make it allow me to attach more


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I'm guessing you have solenoids that release the cans and they are on serpentine columns.  But then you didn't attach said photo of the inside of the machine.  You could have a bad switch on one solenoid, a bad relay, or a bad solenoid.  Because it clicks the credit and then cancels it immediately means that a column is trying to vend as soon as the credit is set and that column, whether it moves or not, is cancelling the credit.  It's been a good 20 years since I worked on one of these.  Myself, I would take it to the scrap yard.  If you want an old machine then get a Dixie Narco.  Their vend mechanisms aren't so arcane.

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Thank you for that information! Yes, I have the setup that you explained exactly. I spent awhile last night taking a look at all the wiring and found some broken wires around the solenoids and switches. I fixed and reconnected them all, but it still does the same thing. I jumped all 4 solenoids last night and got them to work. I don’t see another relay other than the credit one and it’s working. So from what you’re saying, I’m suspecting a bad switch or connection.


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