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Bluekey by payrange on crane 933

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I tried installing a bluekey by payrange on my crane 933 a few weeks and can’t seem to keep it working. I go there and get it working but it seems like the next day it stops working. I’ve been able to make purchases myself but I’m not sure what is causing it to stop working randomly. The last two times I’ve had to go and unplug it and connect the MDB cable normally then reconnect the bluekey. Then it usually works and says enter selection and shows my credits when I try paying through the app. Anyone have experience with this and know why it works the day I reset everything and then stops working the next day?

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It’s an AP 933.  With the PayRange not working, it will give a blinking red and blue lights to get an idea of a diagnostics.  Does cash and coin become disabled when your PayRange device stops working as well?   

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