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Bad Bill Validator??

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Hello All,

I bought a location/drink machine with supposedly bad validator.  The previous owner had taken some paper and covered the dollar bill slip over with tape. 

It is a Conlux NBU-2191-11 that is plugged into a CoinCo coin changer.  I've been looking online (eBay, Google) but can't find any info on what is a compatible replacement.  I haven't been able to find the exact machine available, so figure I might be able to replace it is the cost is reasonable.

I know vending, but haven't had to deal with validators as of yet.  Haven't tried it yet to see what is wrong or if it could be a simple fix.  I'm just trying to cover all bases in case I need to replace it.

Any suggestions?



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give coinco a call they can usually help quite a bit, I'm a bit surprised that you are having issues with a conlux validator they are usually a work horse piece of equipment. betson imperial is a great place to get the rebuilt, thats where i send all of mine out to.

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I use a company outa NY, the rebuild all my DBV and coin mechs. heres there info


108 Robinson Avenue

Medford, New York 11763

Toll Free: 800-552-7520

Phone: 631-654-1230

Fax: 631-654-1269

anyone here can help you there great

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After taking off the tape did you check to be sure you have enough coin in each tube?  It could be a bad harness too.  Check each plug on the harness, be sure they are tight.  Also unplug the machine is you are going to be unplugging the validator or coin mech.  You can blow them very easy if you plug them in while the door is plugged in.


Blue Moose

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The NBU wasn't the best attempt that Conlux had for a bill acceptor. You should easily be able to replace it with something else that you may have. What is the make and model of the machine? The machine determines the validator so with this information we can tell you a replacement.

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