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single, double, or triple head?


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from what I have read the national average is seven dollars per machine. is this for single heads, double heads, and triple heads?I would also like to know what is the most profitable. candy, gum, or novelty?

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the local costco sells the 850 count for 29.00 which comes out to 3.4 cents per gumball. is this a fair price?

Heck no!

Even Quill.com is selling 850 Ford gum for $24.99 with free shipping.

FYI, I got an advert from A&A that for the month of July, they will have some flavors of gumballs selling for $14.99.  But you still have to pay shipping.

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My Costco has them for $14.98 and Sams Club is $17.98 for a box of 850's.  You have to be mistaken on the price.  Actually most Costco's don't even stock the boxes of 850's unless it is a business center store but the price is way to high for Costco.


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