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business cards?


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When we are out locating, we hand them a flyer and a business card.

If they are on the fence or the decision maker isn't there, we make an appt on our calendar to follow up.

Don't forget to follow up or you may be missing out on some great locations.

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I don't give a business card unless I aquire the location.  I use my cards to write on the back the specifics of our deal.  If it's a commission location, I'll write down the commission percentage and the length of the service cycle.  It's my mini-contract with them. 

If I just leave a card, then I'm wasting cards.  I used to leave cards and I NEVER got a call from anybody saying they wanted me to place a machine in their store.  But when I do leave a machine at a location, I want to make sure they know how to reach me for whatever reason.

When I'm locating for charity, I will leave the charity flyer when I've already aquired the location.  I can use it to sell after the close and reinforce their good will on the charity.

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