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AP 7600 Coin Mech Prob

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The coin mech in my AP 7600 is not routing quarters to the change tube. Whether I have it on Hi or Lo setting it sends all quarters to the coin box. It does this if it has lots of quarters or no quarters. When it has no quarters, it will even think it does and gives quarters as change when it really gives nothing.

I just bought the machine a week or so ago. I just noticed that the coin mech says model TR6000 and the machine says to only use with MC5000. I put an MC5000 from another machine in there and it worked just fine. Should I just get a new coin mech or does anyone know what I can do to fix the problem?


Johnny Ringo

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I have had every problem under the sun with coin mechs, I have come to the conclusion that it is much easier to just replace them by buying one on eBay cheap. keep the old one as a spare for another machine or sell it on eBay and most likely break even on the deal. some people send them to get rebuilt but I don't think that's a money wise solution these days for I have been buying them new on eBay cheaper than I could get them rebuilt for.

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