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Hello all,

I just wanted to let everyone know that my business venture (Selling Buzz Bites machines) was very successful.

I sold off several machines (about 60) and I will be keeping a dozen or so to insert into my route. I will be using some of the money from the sales to substantially increase the size of my route .

I got a super deal on 73 machines (A SUPER DEAL!!).......

We'll see how the Buzz Bites do on my route, I'll keep you posted. I haven't been around much lately. Very busy with our new baby girl, starting a new job, selling / shipping BB machines, and a zillion other things.

Have a great 4th of July!!!


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Good Job David.  Congrats on the good deal and making some good money.  I have been looking at buying some extra buzz bite machines real cheap adding to my route, but dumping many of them for a profit as well.  Good work.  Your report encourages me to put some more time and thought into doing this.

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Wait... aren't these the Dust Bites that Jax tried and ditched? Are you going to vend Bust Bites out of these machines or have you figured out a better product to convert them to?

Congrats on a "deal" for a lot of machines, just makes you wonder why he sold em so cheap.

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