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Hello everyone,

just wondering if anyone has had any cs12 machines in their route?

Are they decent machines for a small location??? 

Any problems that keep coming up with them???

Or is there any other recomondations for a location of 10 employees with walk through traffic as well?

Im fairly new to the vending world and want to upgrade the manual machines in place now.

Thankyou in advance


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The AP cs12 is a nice machine in my books only problem it don't do dollars

Mine is in a laundry mat where that is not a problem.....

I paid around 350 for it and it made that back in 3 weeks. That is a cs12 on my profile

Good luck

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$350.00!!!!! wow thats cheap, did you buy it out of the back of a van in a parking lot?:huh:

Up here in the frigid north (canada) I have yet to find any deals on machines localy or even in another province, I am even looking for a few machines in montana as I only live 1.5 hours from the us border. I just have to find out what if any duties would be on the machine (depending if its us made or in china NAFTA).

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