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It Has Happend Again - Another Bogus Eviction!

Jax Snacks

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Well lightning has hit twice!  I received a call from a location manager that said the DM told him the machine was against policy and had to be removed in 24 hours.  The caller ID was from that location and the manager's name was used.  I was not surprised since the real manager once told me in person that the machine may have to be removed someday, but he had no problem with it being there for now.  Also, there was no competitor's machine in there - only mine.

I went to the location to verify and the employee on duty there had no knowledge of the removal and called the manager.  The manager said he never called to have the machine removed.  I played the message for the employee and she said it was not the voice of the manager or DM.  In fact, she told me that the DM was there a few days ago and even bought out of the machine (my kind of DM that we all need more of).

My theory is that another employee has a buddy who is in vending and was trying to open up my spot for his friend's machine.  The phones are right next to the register and a customer could easily use it if the employee allowed it.  This place is becoming like the Twilight Zone with all these low life's.  To get two in two months is pretty wierd.  At least I saved two good spots for now.


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hmm this is really making me start to think for a moment, i have lost a few dozen spots over the last 4 years that I have been vending and I have never questioned and eviction call. I would bet that I lost a few good spots from competition calling to kick me out. I am defiantly going to keep a better eye on this now.

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