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Ordering bulk 1 inch caps


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Anyone remember how many one inch caps you need to order to get a price break from a&a or the people who make zoo mania? (Forgot their name, but I love zoo mania so I'll be ordering fromthem again) Also, do the price points work if you split the order, IE if the break was at 18 bags, could be 9 zoo and 9 sea? I'm getting low on mania products and blockheadz, and considering ordering a much larger batch since I know I can sell these items. This will go with ordering a 5 way rack stand and trying to establish my "july expansions", which will be needed to reach my goals for end of month sales in august. (If I get all this done, in August I may reach my end of year goals for monthly revenue. In june I broke my goals for machines on location. ) In case anyone is wondering, 600$ in monthly sales was the december goal. Which I might also break in july, but in odd numbered months I'm collecting from my biggest location which can be 250-300$, so it throws off my monthly totals. Anyway, I'm fairly happy with our success, and looking at a large outlay to get the product here and save some money as my confidence in my vending ability has soared as I began reaching my goals.

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The Zoo and Sea Mania are from Brand Vending Products at www.brandvendingproducts.com  1-800-967-3048 ask for Craig or Diane.  Glad to hear they are selling so well for you and sure the sales will increase as more and more kids begin collecting them.


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12 bags for brand isn't very large to get the price break, but 25 cents per bag isn't large enough to be a real influence on me.

How much was the price break for A&As one inch? (blockheadz particularly sell well) I was expecting it to be at least 1.00-1.50 per bag.

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