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Nylon vending?


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Several times now when I've gone shopping in Wal-Mart in the personaly hygene section, I've found that they have a bin where they have capsules of womens knee-high nylons for sale for $0.33 each.  The caps are slightly smaller than the standard 2" caps, but I wonder if they would vend in a 2" vending machine.  Putting together a small rack of small-size 2" vendors might give some interesting returns in the right place like a high-rise office building lobby.  Has anybody seen such a thing?

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I have never seen anything like that but I did hear the story of a guy (I'm pretty sure it was in New York) who worked in a high rise building making a pretty good living who when he would take his lunch break  he would notice several women with "runs" in their hose. He decided to start selling pantyhose on his lunch break and did quite well. As the story goes he eventually quit his office job and became a street vendor just selling pantyhose to women in the business district and made a fortune at it........

You never know.

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