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Adjusting Flow on 1-800-Vending machines


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I just bought my first 6 used machines. I am ready to hit the pavement to get them placed but I realized that I these things are set to the highest flow settings. I did not get a manual with them and I am trying to choke off the flow a bit. I think I have it figured out.

Can someone that uses 1-800 machines share with me their rule of thumb on the settings for different candies. Obviously, everyone can do it differently depending on their financial goals and whatnot. But I want to just get these machines out there ASAP and I'll re-adjust later. I'm using M&M Peanut, Skittles, Boston Baked Beans, Mike & Ikes, Reese's Pieces.



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In most locations BBB won't sell regardless of how many I vend.

My skittle/RP amounts are related to the location and my competition. If someone right next to me has a wide open vend, mine goes even farther open. I have a break room where I'm doing 19 skittles. Unless you're battling someone for the location, It's advisable to not go to 19 skittles, it's simply too much. RP I find 18-21 is a good range. M&Mp are a difficult one. The price constantly fluctuates. Some people have been very successful selling only  5 per vend. I had one location that did great with that, but I think it was because the machine was featured so well. After it went to the break room I do not expect that to continue. My biggest MMP location does 10 per vend. The profit is not very good, but it was the second machine I  ever put in so I keep it out there vending large handfuls of MMP because it still makes a small profit, and it makes me feel good, having been special in that way.

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There is a vend setting chart  for the 1-800's posted here somewhere. Have you performed a forum search? I don't have any 1-800's but the chart has been useful for others.

Can someone post a link if they come across it?

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I think you may be referring to the chart I posted several months back. It listed how much of each candy vends  per 1 oz    1/2 oz  and 1/3 oz. Several different candies. I did some searching around but couldn't find the link.

If I have time (between my route, my new job, 5 kids, my to do list and all that stuff I'll see if I can re post it.)

I have the chart on file, I may be able to email it to you.......

I'll see what I can do.


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Product # / 1/2 oz. # / 1/3 oz # / 1/4 oz.

Plain M&Ms 17 11 9

Peanut M&Ms 6 4 3

Reese's Pieces 17 11 9

Skittles 14 9 7

Hot Tamales 7 5 4

Mike & Ikes 7 5 4

Runts 12 8 6

Good & Plenty's 15 10 8

Mint Pearls 8 5 4

Dry Roasted Peanuts (halves) 35 23 18

Is this what you are referring to?

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thanks cavity :)  I actually purchased a normal sized bag of PM&M's and counted 23 candies. at 50 cents that is cheap(Walmart) normally in the machines around here you pay 1.00 for a bag. So at that price .25 is OK for 6 PMM's. Maybe I am putting to much thought into it but I was royally pissed when I got 5 skittles out of a machine once I want the right amount to still make money and keep most people happy.

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