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-- NEW FEATURE -- Profile fields in posts


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Those of you who remember the old forum software will be happy to hear that we are now working on restoring the "profile fields" in the posts.

This was the information that was displayed with your avatar on your posts that included the following info.

- Location

- Vending Area (Bulk, Full Line, Supplier, etc)

- Date started vending

- etc...

This info will remain voluntary but was very helpful and appreciated by others when it was available.

I will update everyone in this post once the feature goes live and you can enter your information.

Once again I'd like to thank those who have made donations for making this feature possible.

PS, nam, I'm still working on the copy/paste thing.  ;)

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We are up and running with this. To add your info, go to "Profile" then click on "Forum Profile Information" from the menu on the left.

The profile questions are located at the bottom of the profile edit screen.

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I am aware of a minor issue with this feature and am working to resolve it now.

It seems that your selections from the drop down menus will revert back to the first option on the list if you change anything in your profile, such as email, or signature, etc.

If you have to change anything in your profile, please ensure that your selections from the drop down menus are accurate before hitting "save" until I can correct this.

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