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Snapple contact in New Jersey?

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I have heard from other posters here that Snapple also has a 3rd party vending agreement.  The local distributor is here in my hometown, but I am having a devil of a time contacting him.  (Hell I even went and sat in their warehouse one day for 30 minutes trying to catch him!)  Anyone have a Snapple contact in New Jersey?  I really need their help for a 200 person account here that wants glass front vending that I can't afford to buy.  Snapple's glass fronts are there for the current vendor and thus they know what they can get. 

It took me weeks to track down the Pepsi 3rd party vendor here, but I don't have weeks for Snapple.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. 

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I use Snapple but I really cant offer a lot of help besides going on their web site and getting the address and phone numbers of all the local distributors. I had to contact a few before I found one to give me a machine. I don't think they all offer machines but its worth a try.

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