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M and M penut vend size


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A half once of M&M penute is 6/7 M&M's. Is this enough for one .25 cents vend?

I do not have a Sams club in my area. I have found the price of  a 56 once bag to be $9.29 at a supplier.

This comes out to be $2.65 a pound.

Vending 6/7 M&M penutes takes about 33% of the gross to pay for the product.

Other candy except for rp and regular M&M's are less, at the supplier, but still close to 25% of a vend, at a half once portion size.

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My local Sam's had lowered the price of PMM's to $7.42 but now they are back up over $9 again.  I'm only vending 5/6 PMM's because of the high price.  Seems to few to me but got do what you gotta do.  We can't keep the vend size the same when our cost have gone up so much.


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I have successfully been vending 6 Pmms per quarter since I started selling Pmms on my route. I have some really good locations eating them right up at that price.

If they go up too much I will try to vend 10 or 11 for 50 cents and see how that goes.


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This topic has come up before and here is a great way to justify what you are giving for a quarter.

Find the nearest full size snack machine and buy a package of PMM. A regular size pack will probably cost you somewhere between .075 and $1.00.

Count the PMM's that come in that pack then do the math and figure out how many you got for each quarter spent on the pack.

I'm sure you'll find that the 6-7 PMM that you are selling for a quarter will cost the same, if not less!

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