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Are Bulk Reeses Pieces Extinct?


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Ok, RP's are my highest selling bulk candy.  They sell better than M&M's, Skittles, Peanuts, and sometimes even gumballs.

Well, the bulk packages of RP's seem to have fallen off the face of the earth!  I've checked Sams Club, Walmart (I know, same place), Costco online, Quill and even bulkfoods.com.  There does not seem to be any Reeses Pieces in sizes greater than 19.5 oz to be had out there.

Is anybody else having any problems finding RP's?

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3 of the 6 Sam's in my area do not stock RP.  I had to plead years ago to get it stocked at another one.  Each location has some discretion on products offered, so talk to your local manager if it gets axed.  As I said in another post, I am eventually going to phase it out since my volume has dropped significantly with this product and it has a tendency to behave as a novelty spike - starts out real good and drops off dramatically after a few cycles (but the other candies still hold their volume).


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