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Whew... what a crazy summer and last 15 days...


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Hey all, just updating you on my progress so far.

Since June 7... we have located 80 new locations, including 7 rack locations.  We also secured permission to upgrade 15 locations from doubles or other smaller equipment to 4-ways, and we have a shortage of 4-way stands, but my partner is coming to the rescue on that one.  :)  But if any members have any extra 18" 4-way stands please PM/message/whatever me and let me know.  Thanks!

Since July 7... So far full time vending has been extremely full-time, averaging 10-12 hours a day between the days spent traveling, servicing, and working on new equipment recently purchased used and even a pallet of 64 new Oak Vista 450s, which are currently in a Wilkes-Barre terminal that need to be picked up Monday! 

Some of the used equipment deals we found have been great, and the next one or two will give us all the equipment we need to reach our goal of 400 locations by August 31.  I also have a personal goal of 900 heads on location, making me work to upgrade spots to 4-ways, racks, and sticker machines as opportunity arises.  I also have a goal of 1,000 heads by year end to make sure I keep doing just that.

In addition, I am noticing that my income has gone up simply by being available 6 days a week to service more locations more regularly, as opposed to only having Saturdays with some spots going 4-8 months without being touched.  This will have the potential to increase revenue just by providing better service.  I really was at the point of no return with this business for months it seems, which makes my transition a little easier for me.

My fiance is firmly on board, as I knew she would be (eventually).  I have a fair share of naysayers also, including the in-laws, but I keep it positive since there will always be naysayers to anyone who chooses this for a career.  People even have naysayers when they choose more traditional fields of work as well, so that is easy enough for me to deal with also.

The house is just about ready, we moved in Wednesday the 15th.  I still have some stuff at my aunt's house (including vending equip/parts) but are finding new homes at my house or on location in case of the last couple racks and to my other garage in terms of stands/parts.

Unemployment looks like it will be coming in the beginning of August, hopefully it will be on time so I can make my first round of bills and set myself up more solidly for life after 9-5 jobs.  :)


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With all this new activity, what does your monthly net income look like these days?  I know you have a partner, so I would think that you would only be getting half of your business income.  How are you able to finance all the new equipment, etc?

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