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Dentyne Ice


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Well boys, I couldn't resist any longer, I had to check on the first Dentyne Ice I placed on October 16.  I eat at this pizza and wings restaurant alot, so the last time I was in there eating, I just looked at it, and it didn't seem like a whole lot was out of it and I have to admit, I didn't think that it was going all that good, and started looking around for another location.  Well today, I just couldn't wait any longer, I had to crack this bad boy open and see what it has done in 3 weeks.............Whoa Nelly, I was thrilled when I seen the coin box had alot of coins, but I became emotional when I found out that it had $37.50 in it, and I still have a bunch of gum left.  At this rate, it would have made $50 in 1 month off of a single head!!!!!!!!! I would have been happy with $15 for the month.  The owner was close by and began to laugh at me when my eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning.  He told me that his waitresses use it alot, and that it seems like everytime he gives customers change, the customer pops in a quarter, pops in the gum, and away they go.  I have the machine right next to the register so this makes it so easy for them to make the impulse buy.  This was my first location, and I'm sure it's beginners luck, but what if it wasn't. 

I'm new to vending, and this is the first machine I checked.  What a better way to get a newbie motivated and geared up to grow within this business.   After seeing this machines performance, I wanted to so bad check my other machines,  but I held back, and chose to wait the full month....I haven't had this sort of emotions since I was 7 and couldn't wait to open presents.  It's almost addictive..........Of course, I'm sure this was just this location, and I can't allow myself to base my other machines on this machines performance, and I will try to not get discouraged if the others flop, but what a day I had today.

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Congrats! I wish my first machine did that well.

When you feel comfortable with the DI make sure you give us a review in the review section. It will be great to read a review of the DI system as a whole.


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