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Full Line Appointments From Blue Moose


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I have the following appointments available.  Let me know if you are interested.

Loc. 1


Orange CA

95 employees

  drinks and snack, current vendor going out of

  business Sept. 1

appt Tues 2PM

Loc. 2


Atlanta GA

155 employees

  drinks and snack

  wants to meet Wed 3PM

  current equipment is very old and needs

  to be replaced.  They do not have a contract

  and they will not sign a contract just a 30 day


Loc. 3


Marieta GA

  85 employees

  call center and support for major company

  wanting nice drink and snack

  current vendor only services on Fri

  machines are always empty

  appt  Tues 10am

Loc 4



  85 travel agent phone center

  wanting 2 drinks and one snack

  one can one bottles

  no commission just good service

  appt Fri 4PM

Loc 5


Binghampton NY

120 employees

  drinks and snacks

  vendor came in raised pricies without notice

  Operations manager wants to replace them

  Increased pricing is OK but vendor must

  let them know about pricing changes.

  Appt 2PM Wed

  you will be meeting with OP and HR Executives

    bring installation agreement with you, they are

    ready to go.  They want a multi price vendor

    with 4 cans and 6 bottles (or similiar mix)

    cans .75  bottles 1.35  water 1.25 

    general pricing on snacks.

Loc 6


Ventura CA

multiple floor

  wanting to replace Coke with independent

  vendor offering machines with all flavors in one.

  Not necessary to put a machine on each floor.

  40% commission based

Loc. 7

Fremont CA


  100 employees

  wanting better machines and service

  drink and snacks

  Wed 2PM

Let me know as soon as possible.


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Loc #5 replacing vendor because they raised price that is bull crap.

If I could not adjust price as I see fit I would not have machines there.

I bought a route first thing I did was raise prices, and as soon as I found

out how to I raised coke machine price did not ask any one just did

it. No one said any thing about it..You got to adjust prices as drinks

and snacks prices are going up. I pay 20 to 30 cent a can for drinks

so 75 is not a bad price.

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