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Slick Ads to get you to by Candy Machines...


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You ever run across those ebay / CL ads that are borderline questionable? "make money"

What $7 month? Your machines work for you 24/7? Really? I thought most business are

closed after hours, there is just enough BS in the ad to get a new beginner to buy.

I just ran across this CL ad...

I have 4, three headed vendstar 3000 candy machines for sale. These machines are brand new, and capable of making upwords of $10 a day each. Thats about a $1000 a month for 1 hour of work and a small investment. I will let you know how to place these machines in great spots for free. I will also throw in hardware, stickers and keys for free. The keys are the expensive part. I have already been offered $550, but each machine is worth $300

not only is he selling VendStars at $175/unit. Notice his earnings line "upwords of $10/day"

Does anyone here earn $10/day with any one machine? he did not say how many you need

to earn up to $10/day, but it is sounding like you just need one machine each to earn up

to $10/day...

any comments on these type of ads?

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