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Changing prices on a Snackshop 7600


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I may not remember perfectly, but I think the following will allow you to change prices.

Open up the panel with the bill changer et al attached and find the red mode button.  Push it once and the display will read what mode it goes into.  I think you press it twice and it says set for set prices.  Use the 11 and 12 buttons to go up and down in price respectively.  Once you get to the price you want, you then select that selecton like A4 and repeat for all at that price.  Move to new price and repeat until finished.  

Good luck!

Doh! What I said goes for AP113 and others with only one 'mode' switch inside.  The 7000 series still has 4 or 5 buttons, one of which is set price.  The rest of the instructions above are correct. 

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