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The DSIMMS Challenge!


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Beloved member DSIMMS has now been apart of this community for ten days, averaging an astonishing 18.3 posts per day.

I want to challenge dsimms to surpass our fearless leader, caserri, in total number of posts before the stroke of midnight on December 31, 2009.  A total of 132 days remain left this year and dsimms would need an average of 26 posts per day MORE than caserri to take the top spot.

I'm offering dsimms a high-quality triple bulk candy machine, ABSOLUTELY FREE, if he can accomplish this amazing feat.  A Vendstar 3000 awaits if he can crack the top 5 (11.55 posts per day).

Of course, low-quality posts are unappriciated and will thus end the challenge.  It is only meant to create more valuable conversations.

Best of luck and God Speed!    = )

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Interesting challenge.  ;)

dsimms has already made an appearance in two stat categories as well. If you look at the stats page,  you'll see he is responsible for the following stats...

Number 5 in Top 10 Topics (by Replies)

Number 6 in Most Time Online

At his pace, I can only imagine what it'll look like on 12/31/09!

BTW, he is now at 20.1 posts per day.

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does that include free shipping... :)

I dunno man,, that seems like a lot to accomplish...

Ill do what I can do, if it happens, then great, if not,

then maybe it benifits the forum in some way...

placing 3rd VendStar tomorrow....

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Caserri, 28 posts today!  Is this by chance a reaction to DSIMMS' motivation of taking over the top spot?

No. Poor timing I guess. Those 28 posts were the result of starting up the vending video section.

Before we switched to this software, I didn't even recognize or list myself as top poster, T Bird Johnny was. I don't have a choice with this software. It counts everything, admin or not.

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Go get'em dsimms, I know you can do it!! Oh yea congrats on the 3rd placement! I'm going to check on my 3 VS tomorrow, as it will be 1 whole week they have been out. I will probably go around and place little plastic cups on the machines as I heard this may improve sales.


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Whale, there was a thread on here a while back. The idea was that with a plastic cup, a customer will put several quarters in to fill the cup instead of just one and walking away.

Additionally, people who are worried about getting "messy" hands will now buy your product because the candy stays in the cup.

Someone here who has actually done it can probably add more...


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I have done that (just put little Dixie cups on top, not welding a cup holder to the stand.) The cups disappear very quickly, or drop to the floor and now no one wants to use them. I have not bothered to replace them, but will probably continue putting them on top of machines at install time (at least until I run out of original purchase of 1200 for $12.)


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